In each generation there comes along a Titan, a Prodigy, and a Champion. An individual that emits so much strength, so much raw magnetic appeal and energy that they affect everyone and everything around them. Once again...The Sails have Emerged... Lennon Margiela Born Krystian Barnes, Lennon's birth took place in the same geographical location as the birth of West Coast Hip Hop, Los Angeles, California. It's not often you come across a person with such a broad scope of talent. A person so naturally endowed with every component necessary to be instantly thrust among the elite in his craft. Charisma he's got it, stage presence he's got it, lyrics he's got it, hard work, ethics he's got it, that competitive killer instinct he's got it! You name it Lennon's got it. "Where there is smoke there is fire."  Lennon has lived most of his life between Los Angeles County and San Bernardino where he has mastered the ability of relativity and relations. Definitely an example of an Artist way before His time.

On the 24th of January, 1992, city of Culver City, California, Craig Parker and Abratta Barnes welcomed Krystian Barnes to the family. Originally based in Mississippi, the family later moved to Los Angeles, California. Having had to contend with no father and a hard working Single Black Mother constantly fighting for survival and succeeding, at an early age, he channeled all the lessons of pain and hardship into all his work. Born to a musically talented family.  They contributed to his progress as they were a source of inspiration. A singer, rapper, poet, pianist, Lennon Margiela seems to have it all along with the right amount of confidence to match. Adopting the nickname Keyz for his younger interest endeavors with the piano,and shortly developing into Keilo Sail. Lennon began singing at the age of 12 when he found out that he had a talent for it all while attending vocal training via choral classes. 

Due to several behavioral issues, Lennon was asked to leave the family home in 2009. He later returned with his Grandfather to Upland , California after being forced to do so. His grandfather refused to take care of him unless he'd abide by his Religious commitments of being a Jehovah Witness. This drove him to the streets at age 17 where he learned to take care of himself. 

With no father around, and his mother and grandfather unwilling to help, living on the streets caused him to take up rapping. After leaving his family and there religious beliefs behind, he began performing at outdoor shows,along with smaller venues. Lennon Margiela has demonstrated the fortitude to weather any storm, for after the rain comes the sunshine!