Kameron James Pyant is a writer, artist, and activist.


Kim Evette Turner gave birth to (KP) in Pomona California and raised him in Victorville California until January 31st, 2011 (rip). KP has endued numerous systematic atrocities which have liberated his mind and made him ensure he establishes his presence, as well as his persona and ideals. The purpose is to be forever felt until the allotted time that he has been granted to influence this world ceases. The trials and tribulations he has faced would make anyone question KP’s demeanor. How he remains who he is with aspiration to inspire regardless of his circumstances prove there is something greater to be witnessed.


As far as music KP gets a lot of his inspiration from K Dot, Cole, Meek, Hov, Wayne, Nas, Dave East, King Royal, Brent Faiyaz, Partynextdoor, Drake, and a few other talented human beings that all deserve recognition for their expertise.

The masterpiece the artist intends on creating normally proves itself worthy by its influence, whether that be positive and negative; but the focal point should always be to grind harder and live life to the best of your ability while never becoming complacent with your possibilities or how good of a person you could be. With aspirations to have that exact same affect and influence on the audiences that KP will tend to he sits and creates in the moments he feels are genuine living and not simulated.


Being that his preferred playlist is a mixture of Hip-Hop and R&B his music has a smooth tone and feel you can chill and have a good time to; but it is also something you can get inspired by.